Mummy in Sujood

‘Mummy in sujood = the most unusual way to occupy a 2 year old…

I started off as a ramp for toy cars, soon progressing to a ramp for his tricycle. I then became a slide (my feet as the steps) and today I was upgraded to a tent pole as he proceeded to lie a blanket between my back and his chair before stuffing cushions, toys, shoes and a remote control in the space created under my tummy and into his newly created tent. As is the creative nature of a toddler!’…

‘Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar…’ It was that familiar call again. One that Ja’far was used to hearing 5 times a day. He didn’t quite understand exactly what it meant, he’s only 2, but he knew that every time he heard it, mummy, daddy, and his siblings would leave what they were doing and go to the bathroom and return a couple of minutes later to line up in the sitting room.

They always manoeuvred themselves into the same positions each time. Positions that intrigued Ja’far. For many a month he had just sat and watched them until his recent interest in toy cars sparked an idea. That position where mummy puts her head to floor makes her look like the most awesome ramp. Mummy had helped him to make ramps for his cars out of cereal boxes, but never had he seem a ramp this mighty. Mummy looked like the perfect ramp. Ja’far knew that she would go into that position some time again in a minute so patiently he waited, cars at the ready.


There it was. One by one he placed his cars at the peak of mummy’s back and watched them race down to the floor. It was amazing! He was having so much fun, but it was so short lived. He only had the chance to send 3 cars racing down before mummy sat up. He collected his cars back up and patiently waited until the next sujood and so the same routine continued.

It became a routine for Ja’far. The moment he heard that familiar call and his family rushed out of the room, he would gather up his cars and have them lined up ready on the table next to where mummy prayed. He thought mummy might get mad at him, but something about that familiar call always made her happy and she always greeted him with smiles after she had finished.

It wasn’t long before he realised the potential for something much greater here. This ramp was big enough for something more than just his toy cars. This ramp was big enough for his okada (his ride on tricycle). This one was pretty heavy to lug up to the top of mummy’s back, and it sure made a lot of noise when it crashed right back to the floor the first time. Soon enough however, Ja’far was able to manipulate the wheels in such a way that it balanced beautifully at the peak requiring a little push to send it sliding down to the base. Ja’far loved this. He had never had a ramp big enough to send his okada down and this really excited him. His toy cars were demoted. That familiar call now called for the his okada to be parked right next to mummy’s special spot and sure enough this became Ja’far’s new routine.

This new routine didn’t last too long because Ja’far had even greater plans once more. He could make use of this ramp himself. He didn’t even need his toy cars, or okada. He could slide down this makeshift ramp himself. Ja’far was big adventurer and he looked straight past mummy this time, onto pastures far greater. This time, as the family all put their heads down he went for daddy. He climbed onto daddy’s feet and tried with all his might to climb to the peak, but he just couldn’t do it. He was not going to give up in a hurry. This was too much of an opportunity to forsake. Daddy’s head went down. He tried again. Gripping onto daddy’s t-shirt, with one hand, with two hands, but he simply could not do it. Ja’far was not one to give up on his mission. So, daddy was too big, but he had 3 siblings that were far smaller, so one by one, he utilised their positioning in sujood as a makeshift slide. As much as it was fun, it was not as fulfilling as he expected, they were just too small and his feet were already touching the floor as soon as he had begun his descent.


All was not lost. The final sujood of Zuhr was made and he had one last option. Mummy. Perfect. Daddy bear was too big, baby bears were too small, but mummy bear was just right. He climbed her feet and mummy was just the right height that he could grip onto her dress and just slide right on down. Over the next few days Ja’far experimented with different positions. He slid down belly down, back down, feet first, head first. The material of mummy’s dress was just perfect, silky smooth made for a friction free journey from top to bottom. This was so much fun. The only time he ever got to go on a slide was when he went to the park, but with the weather in Ireland that didn’t happen so often. Now he had access to his own, personal slide 5 times a day in his own home!

You would think that was it, what more could a 2 year old make from mummy in sujood? Ja’far had been given the opportunity to exercise his creativity to the max and his final plan was the best. Mummy was used to Ja’far’s routine now. If she wasn’t a car ramp for toy cars, it was for his okada, and if not for his toy cars or okada, then a slide for himself, but this time he had something even better in mind. As always, the family dashed to the bathroom when the familiar call was made, but this time Ja’far did not line up any toy cars or his okada. This time Ja’far pulled a dining chair to the sitting room, along with his blanket and sat on the chair. Mummy thought this was unusual. Maybe he just wanted to sit with them whilst they pray this time? When the time came mummy positioned herself in sujood and this time Ja’far, with his mighty plan, took his blanket, laid it between her back and the chair he had been seated on, creating a tent between mummy’s back and the chair and if that wasn’t enough of a creation, he grabbed the cushions from the sofa, his toy cars, his shoes, the remote control and one by one, pushed them under mummy’s tummy and into his new tent and proceeded to follow suit, making himself comfortable, sheltered by his fluffy blue blanket positioned between mummy’s back and the chair, much like mummy was sheltered by Allah. He could have slept there if it wasn’t that mummy sat up, unfortunately resulting in the demise of his tent.


All was not lost however, after prayer they remade the tent between 2 chairs so Ja’far could continue his adventures.


It was narrated from ‘Abdullah bin Shaddad, this his father said: “The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) came out to us for one of the nighttime prayers, and he was carrying Hasan or Husain. The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) came forward and put him down, then he said the Takbir and started to pray. He prostrated during his prayer, and made the prostration lengthy.” My father said: “I raised my head and saw the child on the back of the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) while he was prostrating so I went back to my prostration. When the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) finished praying, the people said: “O Messenger of Allah (ﷺ), you prostrated during the prayer for so long that we thought that something had happened or that you were receiving a revelation.’ He said: ‘No such thing happened. But my son was riding on my back and I did not like to disturb him until he had enough.'” (Sunan an-Nasa’i 1141)