I’m just your regular (ish) mummy/mammy/mom/umm depending on which country you’re from with 5 children aged between 3 months and 11 years (the 5 Bankieteers) with a need to spread happiness via the 2 sides to parenting; the fun side, aka ‘The 5 Bankieteers’ and the more seious educational side, aka ‘The Contented Kids series’.

The 5 Bankieteers

We often get too caught up in the serious side of parenting and all the things that our children do to drive us nuts without taking a moment to appreciate and laugh at their funny moments. This is why I started the 5 Bankieteeers.

If you feel the need relax, laugh and realise that your abnormal child really isn’t that abnormal after all, then check out ‘the 5 Bankieteers’ section of this blog where you will find plenty of stories about the weird and wonderful things that my own lot get up to in their spare time.

The Contented Kids series

On the other hand, there is also the serious side to parenting. As a psychologist, I like to support parents and educators in nurturing psychological wellbeing in their children. As a result, I am producing a series of blog posts to complement the books that I have published on the topic. These aim to encourage children to develop emotion regulation and resilience skills to equip them with the techniques to handle the many challenges life throws at them such as sadness, anxiety, grief and loss, self-esteem, self-respect, …etc.. The books in the series are written in an age appropriate way in the form of a story with supporting activities throughout. The complimentary blog posts posted here are aimed at you, the parents and educators, to support you in nurturing these skills and provide further activities that will assist you in the process.